Patrick Oneil is driven to give back and support the community through our social responsibility commitments.

Diversity and Inclusion
We’re committed to advancing diversity and inclusion by ensuring that all employees across our workforce feel valued and respected and have equal access to opportunities to succeed.

We have a variety of retail products available in our salons and barber shops that are diverse and have products for all ethnicities. Plus, our salon stylists and barbers are trained to perform services on all hair types.

Workforce Development & Economic Empowerment
The vast majority of sales of Patrick Oneil grooming products support the Jennings O’Neil Career Academy building campaign.

The Academy will provide young people aged 15–22 in underserved communities with a second-chance opportunity to thrive. This is achieved by providing students access to vocational training and workforce development opportunities at the high school level. Participation in the program will result in: 

  • Participants earning gainful employment.  
  • Participants experiencing upward economic mobility.
  • Local diminishment of educational disparities by reducing the achievement/graduation gap.
  • Providing a viable pathway for high school dropouts to re-enter the education system and include students who became missing or disengaged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Providing students with special needs the vocational and training experiences to promote educational, independent living and career development to assist them in transitioning into successful post-school opportunities.

Another small percentage of sales is allocated to the Army’s Quality of Life program. The primary focus of the program is to ensure soldiers and their families have predictable, flexible, adaptable, tailorable, and well-executed quality-of-life programs. Emphasis is placed on military housing, healthcare, and accessible and affordable childcare programs while improving and streamlining relocation policies and initiatives for soldiers and their families.

Community Volunteerism
Through our team of stylists and barbers, we routinely provide elementary students with free haircuts to help boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, which ultimately leads to an increase in student engagement.