How Dirty Is Your Beard

Is your beard truly as dirty as a toilet? Probably not. There is no significant evidence to suggest that most beards are unclean or contain a significant amount of harmful bacteria.


Men’s beards are extremely unsanitary, trapping day – to – day dirt, grease, food, and bacteria!


Beards trap dirt and grease - it’s impossible for them not to, so they need extra attention to remain clean.

As long as you regularly groom and clean your beard you are not at a greater risk for disease than people without beards.

Science is just beginning to learn about the many species of bacteria that live within our bodies and what purpose they serve. We do know that most bacteria aren’t bad for us — many are beneficial and, in some cases, required for good health.

Best ways to care for your beard

  • Use a wash as part of your beard care routine instead of regular shampoo or soap.

What’s the issue with using regular shampoo or soap?

  • Using regular shampoo or soap can totally dry out the hair, leading to beard itch, acne, and dandruff. Patrick Oneil Face & Beard Wash is formulated to clean and moisturize and can be used on a daily basis.
  • After shampooing with the wash, rinse and follow with Patrick Oneil Beard Oil. Use daily by massaging the oil into your beard. It will replenish moisture, soften the hairs and hydrate the skin.
  • Trim your beard, whether long or short, to eliminate split ends and keep it healthy.
  • Keep up healthy habits, such as eating a healthful diet and getting plenty of sleep.

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